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1) Work for Dignity-Anyone receiving benefits that are able bodied should receive training, volunteer, be required to work a certain number of hours per week and provide clean drug test (absent marijuana) to get benefits.

2) Inmates should work, be provided school, training, and treatment. If there are victims in the case, the money earned by the inmate will go to them.

3) Prolife with the emphasis on making it easier for parents to foster children. 

4) Gun control to the extent of enforcing those laws that exist. If they can have them, we can have them.  Tax incentives to purchase safes to store guns, get training or certificates.

5) Criminal Justice reform. Lower sentences for drug related crimes, increased penalties for child crimes and reforming the institutions as places of punishment coupled with rehabilitation. Work more, get training and education. No reason inmates should be sitting around all day in jail.

6) Everyone should eat. Requires restaurants, groceries and the like to donate their food. Whether by enforcing a law or encouraging incentives like tax reductions.

7) Safety in Neighborhoods--We need a law that requires streetlights, solar power with cameras in densely populated areas.  

8) Drug and Hospital costs are too high. I would open markets to drive down drug costs and require companies to offer drugs at a certain price to do business in Ohio. Hospital costs have to be restricted. No reason one surgery should cost more than your salary for two years. I would also address the effects malpractice suits actual have on costs. Is it really a factor?

9) Healthcare. Everyone should have affordable catastrophic coverage, prescriptions and then let the market dictate other care like physicals, sickness visits etc.  Same with dental. 

10) Fresh water---If we can pipe oil, we can water. This would help our farmers and areas with not so clean water. I would pass a law that would encourage the gathering of rain water to help mitigate the need for pipes everywhere due to less populated areas. 

11) Taxes-taxes should be reduced. I would like to see 10% coupled with a consumption tax. I will also like to see all child related costs to be tax deductible. This includes daycare, cloths and food. Kids are expensive, the government should not make it more expensive. 

12) Property taxes. You should only be able to vote on issues that pertain to property tax if own property.

13)  Cleaning up Voting Registry.  When someone dies, the same agency who issues death certificates will be required to send the same notice to voter registration to get the decedent off of the list. This will alleviate the concern for the grieving families, help prevent the potential of fraud and increase the integrity of our voting system. I would consider passing a law to outlaw private groups from collecting registrations should it be discovered the company provides false information. The best practice is for the actual person to register. 

14) Lure Jobs. Provide tax credits, assemble land, and train workers. Work on People, Places and Home. For people focus on health, amenities and community centers. For Places work on cleaning places up, make secure (lights, cameras and action), and increase local businesses.

15) Cure Diseases-We have a great resource in having Ohio State University in our backyard so I would work with them to help effectuate such a plan. We should only give money as an investment, not as a donation.

16) Text to include Opinion--This would attract more people to our party because they would be involved and see the percentage of votes towards a proposed issue which in turn would influence my vote.

17) Shelters with compliance. No Veteran or anyone for that fact should be homeless. Set up communities that work to stay. No free ride unless truly disabled. I would also include mental health and drug treatment.

18) Alternative energy investment with returns. I like the idea of nuclear plants because of the efficiency but I would consider having them built under ground, away from water sources and densely populated areas to contain potential catastrophes.  

19) School reform. No child should have to pay for a meal. I also like the idea of the first 2 years of community school being free with strings attached such as required volunteer hours. Also need to revamp the curriculum and teach trades at an early age to see where kids excel at. All High Schools would have trades, vocational and internships as an option.  I would also encourage business to lower educational requirements for those jobs where you really do not need a bachelor of science. For example, coding can be done by kids who never went to college. A trade certificate should be just as good as a college degree for some jobs. 

20) Rebuild the infrastructure efficiently and only employ Ohio residents.

21) Require straws made out of Hay. No need to have wasted plastic in our State. Plenty of Hay to go around and will help create a new industry.

22) Flat Fee for Necessities-Require providers to provide a product at a certain price to do business in Ohio. i.e. Water, Electricity, Cable and Cell Phone.

23) Sunday is a day too. If a bar can have a liquor license for Monday through Saturday, that should also include Sunday at no additional expense. Only small bars are being affected.

24) Home Insurance is All Insurance. If your company sells home insurance in Ohio, it must also cover flooding, tornadoes, alien attacks or other acts of God. Additionally, if you are a landlord and a tenant commits an intentional tort, the land lords insurance rates should not increase.  Stated another way, don't raise rates if a victim of a crime. 

25)  Fathers matter. Just because a father is not married, does not mean he should not have some visitation rights. If DNA has been established, there has been a pattern of conduct, the father has supported the child, absent good cause, a Father should have a faster avenue to get parental visitation.

26) Jury Service. I have noticed a lot of people avoid registering for voting to avoid jury service. I would pass a law that helps counties solicit jurors by using the BMV, voting registrations, electric bill and cable bills. I would also limit the time for jury service from 2 weeks to 1 week. I would also like a policy where jurors can call in instead of waiting all day in Court. 

27) "Housing First" End Homelessness. This isn't new, the implementation will be.  Finland has a great model and there is no need to reinvent the wheel. I would pass a law to set up an organization or permit grants to certain construction companies. They will create housing complexes or rehabilitate neighborhoods which will be used for homeless people. When they come to these units, they sign a tenant agreement. Part of that agreement will be to get counseling, help, job, education and treatment. They will also be required to volunteer or pay nominal amount in rent. The builders will get loans backed by the government so the rates are so low, a small percentage will help pay the loan back.  There will also be an onsite social worker to help monitor progress and more importantly to help. One of the big problems with being homeless and getting back on your feet is having an address to find jobs, housing and social benefits. This program will help with that. 

28) Police and First Responders. I would support laws that would give police and first responders any and all tools which are required to make their job safer. This would include body cameras and street lights with cameras connected to a central hub.

29) Campaign Refinance. This is my first time running and my goal is to ask for votes instead of money. Doing that I have been fortunate enough to have been contacted by numerous support groups who reach out to the candidates to see if their ideas are in align with their goals. Such organizations have included Vote-USA, NBC 4 Local 4 you, Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom, Consumer Energy Alliance, Central Ohio African American Chamber of Commerce,, Ohio Value Voters, Inc, Ohio Chamber of Commerce Political Action Committee, Ohio Right to Life Society Political Action Committee, National Right to Work Committee, National Rifle Association of America, Tax Payer Protection Pledge, APEX Radio, Young Americans Liberty and Al Dia Media.

Creating funding or benefits for qualified groups representing a particular group of people with like views, that are respected by their supporters and serve the public interest. Voters would be more engaged and educated about potential candidates. Candidates would have an avenue to have their message heard without spending thousands or millions of dollars. This will also open the door for more good people who have avoided running for office due to financial constraints. The other benefit of these organizations and other similar ones is they have the candidate sign a pledge. This helps hold the candidate accountable for their views so if the person later goes against their pledge, at the next election they can inform their base.

I would also consider passing a law that bans publication of polls on issues that will be decided at the ballot box. The reason is, some false polls can actual deter votes from the candidates or issues should they feel it is a lost cause when in fact the polls could be mistaken, lack credibility or be piecemeal. 

30) Voter Registration. Why do I have to ask how? It should be automatic. When you go to the BMV to get a license or an Identification, they should automatically register you unless you opt out. It should be like do you want to donate your organs. A simple question, not another form and inquiry.  I am still thinking of a way to loop in the other people who do not go to the BMV, but this additionally policy will include a lot more voters and help. As part of this idea, I would also make sure the BMV has the ability to determine if someone is a US citizen and also like the idea of making sure the voter is competent. I have heard rumors that some voters are autisti to the point they do not even know what they are doing and their parents tells them who to vote for, essentially one person gets two votes.

31)Adopt to Own Not to Lease: A few ideas for adoption. First, I have come to learn that in Ohio, the biological parents have one year to get involved or they forever lose their rights. What some parents do, is at the 11 month, they get engaged, fall off the wagon again and the time starts over. This affects the adoptive parents and the children. If biological parents do certain things, those things will speed up the year and not allow a carry over. For example, a parent who offers to sale their child for money to get drugs should automatically lose their rights. Same with molesters. Another change would be to provide a benefit to parents who adopt teenagers. Currently they have to pay fees, but should be getting fees. Thirdly, all kids who enter the system should receive counseling. It should not be requested, but mandated. Same with all adoptive parents; counseling, training and education.  Any other ideas, please comment. 


32) Identification Cards for everyone if they meet certain requirements. I would pass a law that would permit any Ohioian to get a valid picture ID if they can produce a valid passport and a utility bill with their name on it with an Ohio address. All I see from this policy is benefits. First, people who need ID's to get a job, buy alcohol, enter establishments and purchase vehicles to name a few will now have the ability. Secondly, the fees associated with getting an ID will help generate State income. Thirdly, and my favorite part of this law is now Ohio will know who resides within their borders. When people get IDs there names, picture, address and fingerprints will be in Ohio database. That way, heaven forbid there is a crime with just a photo, that photo can be crossed check and identified. 


33) Helping the 5 Pension Plans That Serve Ohio Pblic Employees. 

  1. Healthcare-One of the biggest drains on funds and concerns for its members is the cost of healthcare.
    1. If you are a doctor in Ohio and have the privilege to work here, you will take any and all insurance. No more HMO, PPO, or any OOO. Doctors take it all and companies pay it all.
    2. Major Insurance Plans. Everyone will have a plan for $100 to $300 that covers hospital stays, surgeries or diagnosis that require long care. All other visits will be paid individually.
    3. Anyone over 65 should have free healthcare (that is the pension pays for Medicare Plan A costs. Currently PERS does but OPS does not.) I am not sure about the other pension plans yet. If you know, please advise.
  2. Investments-Need money and transparency.
    1. Not with my money: No risky investments with money earned.
    2. No secret agreements. If public money is being used for public investments, what is the actual agreement. The claim of trademark or the like are loosely used.
    3. Cap fees for performance. Paying a Hedge fund $600K a year, for what? Disclose fees.
    4. Invest in energy, or deferred compensation index funds, bonds or other safer bets.
  3. Contribution Increase for Police and Fire.
    1. Although the Police and Fire is highest amongst the groups, these workers are somewhat forced to retire early. There are not too many 65 year olds running into buildings on fire and chasing down criminals. Since they have to retire earlier, they have less time to contribute.
  4. Transparency
    1. Salary disclosures for all employees. Apparently PERS does, but the other four do not.
    2. Live stream the meetings. Public meetings should be broadcasted for ease of access.

  5. Compliance With State Law
    1. The State of Ohio requires Pension to have enough money in their account to pay off for 30 years. This was changed back in 2013. The affected all pensions because they needed more money and less obligation which resulted in cutbacks. I would raise this back up to 35 years if not 40. I would want more information but this seems like a common sense fix.
    2. When Pension file their annual reports, they do so in December when the stock market it at its weakest. I would require the Pensions to do there reports in June of each year. Studies have shown in June, that is when the market is stable. Not to high, not to law. A fair indication of ones actual money.
    3. Cost of Living Increase: I think a fair increase is only right. What that is I would rely on other experts but seem to think 3% is okay.




John Rutan. District 17. 

Thank you for your time, consideration and input.

John Philip Milton Rutan                             

Committee to Elect John Rutan
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